Our world is crushed by a landslide of diets, books, DVDs, exercise programs, machines, internet sites, surgical solutions, devices, ancient secret potions, drinks, pills, super foods and magic powders; all promising the easiest and fastest way for you to lose weight, look beautiful and finally live happily ever after.

And if we are to believe the hype, then never in history have we allegedly known so much about losing weight. Never in history have we allegedly had so many ‘weight loss experts’ here to help us lose all those unwanted pounds and kilograms.

But if we know so much, then why is weight loss such a melting pot of confusion and contradiction? And if we’re surrounded by so many experts, then why are more and more people becoming overweight and obese?


“I learned everything I ever need to know, quickly and easily.”

Whatever you believe, one thing is certain - it has become so difficult to know who and what to trust. With such an onslaught of different options and opinions, it’s no wonder that people can often feel frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged. You are not alone if you feel this way. Odysi Zero was written because it is a book I wish I could have held and read and lived when I myself battled against obesity (twice). Odysi Zero was also written because while I believe the majority of health and fitness professionals across the world do have the best of intentions, many are unfortunately providing the public and their governments with misleading or wrong information.

Do any of the following look familiar to you?


“Weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out.”

“Dieting and exercise!”

“Have a weight loss goal.”

“You have to eat a balanced diet.”

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

“Eat everything in moderation.”


Would you believe it if I told you that the quotes above are all examples of junk information? Make no mistake, what you have just read above are all examples of misleading or blatantly wrong information. It’s a great shame but it’s these kinds of quotes which are generally given to the overweight community by many well meaning, health and fitness professionals, who really should know better.


I would like to issue here a formal WARNING
If you are easily offended, then please do
not purchase an Odysi Zero product. No foul language is used of course, nor any particular religious convictions or political opinions challenged or presented. No offensive gesturing or photography is used at any stage. But nonetheless, I believe that some people will be greatly offended simply for who and what is discussed. Thank you.


As you can see, who and what to believe is not easy, especially when you can’t even trust those you should. Health and fitness professionals cannot even agree amongst themselves so what chance does the average person have?

In the end, I want you to trust that weight loss comes down to one thing, and that is common sense. You don’t need a degree from university or certificates in personal training as I have. You don’t need to know a whole bunch of scientific jargon or complex biological stuff. There are no ‘secrets’ to weight loss (so don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise).

All you need are some basic ideas based on common sense.

“When it comes to finding a solution to weight loss, the world is focusing on the wrong thing.”

But what exactly is common sense?

Some people, genuinely trying to help you will often suggest empty common sense advice such as:


“Eat less, move more.”  


“Eat healthy.”

“Live a healthy lifestyle.”

“Believe in yourself.”


It all sounds good and it’s true but there is no real life, practical value to such general advice. What is ‘healthy’ and how much is ‘less and more’? Empty advice is ineffective advice. Or worse still, some health and fitness professionals talk about ‘healthy lifestyles’, yet in the same breath are guilty of giving you unhealthy advice. Despite the wealth of information out there, real world common sense it seems is not as common or as recognized as some may like to believe it is.

This is what Odysi Zero can give you.

Odysi Zero is based on easy, in depth common sense principles and is built upon 20 years of personal experience, experimentation, education and research. Odysi Zero is a complete philosophy and guide for you to realistically lose weight permanently and properly. It will dramatically change how you approach and resolve your weight problem by introducing you to concepts and methods you almost certainly have never seen before. And it will be done without dieting, exercise, pills, powders, gimmicks, surgery or hypnotherapy. Odysi Zero is a no-nonsense approach and your health, safety and sanity remains the highest priority. Odysi Zero is a weight loss revolution.


Odysi Zero DVD Seminar
“Join the revolution”

At a glance in Odysi Zero, you will quickly learn how to:

look and feel 10 years younger
easily melt away stubborn and ugly body fat
develop real health and everlasting energy
feel so incredible and full of life
know when professionals are giving you junk information
start being the person you were born to be


Simply put, Odysi Zero is a practical, easy and realistic guide to completely transform your body for only $15.00 (fifteen dollars!). Imagine learning everything you will ever need to know about weight loss by the end of this weekend - and all for just $15.00! There are no continuous payments of any kind, no hidden charges and no sneaky small writing. Get Odysi Zero now and change your life forever.

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What else can you expect from Odysi Zero?


Odysi Zero will take you into my personal history and investigate your own personal past, present and future. Using some simple exercises, it will clarify for you your starting point and desired destination. This baseline is very important.
Not only will it show you the advantages to weight loss (which the majority of us already know), but it will also describe for you in detail, the disadvantages to losing weight (which the majority of people, including health and fitness professionals, either surprisingly don’t know or simply refuse to tell you).
You will learn some basic things about the human body and nutrition, only what you need to, and then be introduced to the most effective weight loss and fat loss methods known to humankind. Be prepared to be shocked!
Odysi Zero will teach you the myths of weight loss. Again, be prepared to be completely surprised to what information is junk and to what is genuinely true. Always remember, that when it comes to losing weight, the right information is absolutely key to your success.
Odysi Zero dives into what it really means to lose weight and how and why to do it. It covers everything from what to generally eat and drink, including food and drinks most health and fitness professionals claim are unhealthy but are actually critical to your health! It also covers food and drinks most health and fitness professionals say are healthy, but are actually NOT!
Odysi Zero goes further and tells you what gyms don’t want you to know, what some health food company’s don’t want you to know, what other weight loss programs don’t want you to know and  what some health and fitness professionals (especially personal trainers) don’t want you to know.
It explains in detail what it really means to live a healthy lifestyle and NO, it’s not dieting and exercise. Some people, at least in my opinion, become so obsessed with ‘healthy’, that it becomes like all obsessions – unhealthy.
Odysi Zero continues to show you and easily teach so much more. I have no doubt you will learn things here that you can’t find anywhere else.


Realize upfront however, that Odysi Zero is not for everybody. With so many overweight people out there in this world, each with their own personal conditions and medical considerations, how can it be? No single weight loss method will work for everyone and if anyone tells you otherwise, then they are either naive or more likely want your money and dependence. That is why I offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on all my Odysi Zero products. If you don’t like it, or it’s not right for you, for whatever reason, then simply post the product back to me for a full and fast refund of your purchase price. No questions asked and no reasons needed. There is absolutely no risk to you.

I’m fully confident in offering such a generous guarantee because I believe in what I have created. I know that while Odysi Zero may not work for everyone, it will certainly work for almost everyone. And when I say almost everyone, I mean 98% of the overweight population.



“I actually lost too much weight.
Odysi Zero works.”


Take a moment now and think about where you are in your life.

Think about what you don’t like and want to change. Think about how it feels to be overweight.

Now think about where you want to be, the body and life you want to live. Imagine the emotions of happiness, confidence and joy from looking and feeling the best you ever have. Imagine doing everything you ever wanted including even the simplest of things, like going to the beach or walking down a busy street. These are things which people who have never had a ‘fat problem’ could ever understand or ever felt like they missed out on. It’s an amazing feeling and Odysi Zero will open your world to such a life.

Order now and Odysi Zero can be delivered either to your door or immediately to your computer. And even if you don’t think Odysi Zero is for you, then perhaps you know someone close to you who could really change their life and needs some rescuing. Basically, it’s $15.00 to have your life or their life changed, not just for the better, but for the greatest.

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If you are still undecided then please don’t feel rushed in buying.

Continue to look at my page, read the testimonials and media clips, consider joining my Facebook and Twitter sites for updates and talk to your friends who may have already read Odysi Zero. While Odysi Zero products are of very limited availability and supply, the Odysi Zero eBook is always here for you.

Whatever you decide, I genuinely wish you and your family the very best.

I know where you are right now as I been there before and I also know what is ahead of you. All strength to you and thank you for taking the time to visit Odysi Zero.


Kindest regards,



p.s - There are no false time restrictions to buying an Odysi Zero product but as you know, time passes so quickly and the decisions we make now, right now, shape our future. Whether you purchase an Odysi Zero product or not, please consider taking action today to living a healthier life. Don't wait until your life passes by.

p.p.s - I understand this book may offend some people. I want you to know that this of course is not my intention but make no mistake, this is my book so I express my opinions without apology. I strongly feel some things must be said and so I have said them.

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